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"The Immediate Solution: Everything You'll
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  • Are you not enjoying your dog the way you thought you would because your dog
    just isn't getting it?
  • Are you worried that you won't be able to reliably housebreak your dog or
  • Are you afraid you may have to give your dog up?
  • Are you tired of the setbacks, failing no matter how much more time and effort
    you put in?

There is a way to reliably housebreak your dog, and things you can do to cut the time
it takes by a huge amount.

About us: Imagine what we know about housebreaking a dog if we can do this with
our own dog... (This is my husband and my son playing in the park with our dog

You've tried the normal advice.  You've taken your dog out for lots of walks.  
You might have even tried crate training.  But you come back in after your dog has
been outside for hours, and your dog almost instantly goes to the bathroom in the
house.  You can't seem to make your dog 'get it.'  Or your dog even goes to the
bathroom regularly in his or her crate!

I've been there too.  I'm a dog trainer and behaviorist now, but I remember being
where you are, and I talk to other families in your situation every single day.  I had a
dog who wouldn't stop going in the house, no matter what we tried.  No matter how
much time he spent outside or how many times we sprayed odor neutralizers, or what
advice we found online.  He would just keep peeing in the house! Eventually we
decided this dog was just never going to get it, so we tried to live with it.  But it
seriously meant we didn't enjoy him as much.

Now I know what we were doing wrong.  It wouldn't have been that hard to get
him housebroken, and how much I wish someone had told me!  We didn't know what
we didn't know.

I'm here to help you and keep this from happening to you.  I've worked
with families who have dogs who have been going in the house for years - and they've
come to think that they're dog just can't be housebroken.  Even more often, I've
worked with families who just got a new dog, and that dog was in a shelter for that
very same reason - they keep going to the bathroom in the house.  The previous
family couldn't take it anymore.  How sad... That family felt they had to give up on
their dog because they couldn't get them housebroken.

Here's how I'm going to help you.  Over the last 9+ years of training dogs
professionally, I've learned every trick, every shortcut, and the psychology behind
how to housebreak a dog the fastest possible ways.  
I've seen what works in some
situations, what never works, and what ALWAYS works.
 Over the years my
husband (who also trains dogs) and I created a proven system - a process for
housebreaking a dog - that if any dog owner with even the toughest to housebreak dog
followed it, they'd succeed no matter what.

And you'll always know WHY we're telling you to do something.  One of
the things I am always proud of when we're working with dog owners and their dogs is
that I can always explain WHY something should be done a certain way and WHY
NOT do something another way.  There is never a time when I tell someone to do
something just because.  There is always a very good, explainable reason, and I always
tell you what it is.  How many times have you been given advice and didn't know why
it had to be that way?  Not this time.  Dog behavior and psychology (explained in an
understandable way!) have always been great interests of mine and it's my biggest

I'm a dog owner, too, in addition to being a professional dog trainer.  I know what you
want: a reliable, happy dog & family, with no more dog messes in the house, ever,
starting today.
Stop living with the frustration and aggravation of a dog that goes in the house.

Here are some of the things I'll teach you...
  • Why your dog is going in the house in the first place (it probably isn't why you
    think!) and what to do to stop the accidents now.
  • How to stop your dog from going  in the house in less than one day with this
    simple, guaranteed system - and the right combination of things to do.
  • How to get your dog to stop going in the house without having to constantly go
    on long walks or having frustrating setbacks.
  • What to do if you can't get your dog to stop peeing in the house no matter what
    you try.
  • Why the common advice out there doesn't always work well, and why crate
    training your dog is not enough.
  • Why a lot of dog owners fail at crate training their dogs properly and the effect
    this has on housebreaking.
  • How to get your unreliable dog to be totally trustworthy in your house all the
  • What causes behaviors like separation anxiety and chewing, and what to do
    about it now to stop it.
  • Why what you've tried hasn't worked.
  • The ins and outs of crate training a dog who seems to hate his crate.
  • How to know if the things you ARE doing are going to work well in the long run,
    and what changes you should make in your routine or process.
  • The easiest and fastest ways to housebreak a dog so you don't waste any more
You'll also get all your questions answered directly by us, the experts, one on
one.  And you'll have the
confidence that you know how to keep your dog
happy and your house clean from now on

What you need to do now...
We address housebreaking issues with almost every family who comes through one of
our training programs - and these programs can sometimes cost several times more
than the information we've compiled for you in this book.  
Think about all the hours of
time (and the cost of carpet cleaning!) that you'll be saving.  Think about the years
you will still have your dog in your family and how this is an investment that's
guaranteed to work - something that will make your life easier and happier.

This information is easily worth ten times its cost because of the amount of expertise
you're getting, compared to our dog training programs that we do with dog owners in
person.  Especially because you can have the peace of mind of knowing it will definitely

We always say that anytime something isn't guaranteed, it's just a purchase.  Not an
investment.  It's only an investment if it will definitely be the solution you need.  

Your dog WILL be housebroken reliably and the fastest possible ways by following the
solutions and steps in this book, and we guarantee it.  In fact, if at anytime in the first
90 days after reading and implementing the steps in this book, if you don't feel like it
was exactly what you were looking for, send me an email directly at and I'll refund your investment right away.  Plain
and simple.  So you have no risk.  
I am that sure that at least one area
addressed in this book will be the thing you point to and say "THAT'S why
it wasn't working before!  That's what I need to do!"

So click on the "Buy now" button below to get instant access to this book
for only $27.  It's in electronic format so you can read it as soon as you
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Don't forget that it comes with our no excuses, no questions 100%
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Our years and years of experience training hundreds of dogs can be yours
to benefit from - without any risk at all.  

BONUS: One-on-one help and support from the writers themselves -
professional dog trainers who have seen it all!
 For a VERY limited time (since
we just started offering this book nationally instead of just to our in-person dog
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your questions out, any areas where you've had trouble, or any variables that you
need extra help with.  

Money Back Guarantee: After you've read and applied the steps in this System, if
you don't feel that it was the information you were seeking all along, feel free to email
us to request a full 100% refund within 90 days of your purchase.  See, no risk!  Just
give it a try and find out just how well it works for you.

Make sure you keep us posted, send us your questions and schedule your one on one
call with us when you have had time to implement the solutions.  You can send me an
email directly at anytime there's anything I can do
for you.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I can't wait to hear
from you!
Watch this video for a welcome message from Molly, and to find out the 3
reasons why you may struggle with housebreaking your dog.

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